Debbie's Family Photo Albums

My mother, Debra Burns was taken from us all at far too young of an age in 1994 at 39. My mom was the most self-sacrificing, tender-hearted person I have ever met. These are a collection of old photos taken right from her photo albums. If you are family or were a close friend, I hope that these pictures help you to remember the happier times we all shared with her. She snapped most of these herself, so when she makes an appearance in them, it's a real treat.  

The beautiful Debra Burns

This is a picture of my Aunt Max with my little brother Nathaniel and me. Dig that retro dining room table complete with green chairs! Check the reel-to-reel yo!

Nathaniel riding my back... Yes, these are my Hulk pajamas! Green on top with the signature ripped purple pants.

My dad, Dennis, reading a Christmas book to Nathaniel and me. That space ship in the upper right corner of the background was one of many of my father's original paintings. (I think that's the coffee table I bumped my head on and got that darned eyebrow scar when I was 3... turban pictures will follow!) ;)

My brother, 2 and me, 6. How cute is his "Hug Me" shirt! *awwww*

That's me, chillin' in the front row of my first grade group photo (butterfly collar, tres pimp!)

And solo... that's me TRYING to smile.

It's hard to look cool in a green lawn chair.

Dennis and Debbie (Mom and Dad) in 1980.

Nathaniel and I playing with Play-Doh (I was waiting for mom to leave the room so I could eat it)


Nathaniel on Santa's lap... "I want that car over there, and that car over there, and one of those jet airplanes..."

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